About us


The birth of a child is a great gift you can get from life… Only then you finally understand what, how, when and why you live and breathe your days…
The most important answer comes to the question ‘for whom to live…’

In AyeletStore we work every day and every minute of our lives to make you and your child even happier and to satisfy each and every wish you can think about when talking about clothing.

For you to be happy we pick the best quality for our materials and fabrics. 100% cotton for a gentle skin of babies. Our colors are bright and do not disappear after washing.

For you to be happy, we are modest in prices, because happiness doesn’t have to be expensive. It has to be sincere!

Our products are made in a beautiful heart of Europe – Bulgaria. Our store Ayelet is a small, loving and caring place, which is inspired by a little girl called Ayelet, who cannot lie when wearing something from our products. She simply sincerely likes the clothes, so do you… We hope!!