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7 signs that you are a bad parent to your child


To be a parent doesn’t mean you just have to carry your baby in your stomach or look after him when he’s born.

To be a real parent, you have a lot to work on. Not on your baby, but yourself. If you are a happy, self-motivated, calm and satisfied person, you will also treat your baby the same way you feel.

These are the 7 signs that you don’t do parenting right. But don’t worry. Showing interest in fixing your mistakes is a half done job, remember. Now scroll down and work on yourself. Not only to be a better parent, but to be also a better person.

  1. You are yelling on your child

Yelling at your child when he does something wrong, when he doesn’t want to eat or sleep, or yelling when he breaks something is not the solution. You have to control your anger. Find out your real reason for being angry and stop giving back for it on your child. Remember that he is only a kid, and doesn’t understand everything your way. Yelling can only cause him fear from you and keep him on distance.

  1. You are over protective

We all know that your child is everything to you, but if you act over protective you won’t protect your child the way you want it. When you tell him not to do something, not to go somewhere or not to hang with some friends, he’s going to do the opposite. Instead of that, try telling him the side effects of his actions and leave him alone. If he listens to you, he will learn from your advices, but if he doesn’t he will learn on his mistakes and listen to you more in future.

  1. You tell him/her what to do, wear, eat…

Never tell your child what school he should pick, what dreams should he have, what language he should study, or what to eat and wear. This way you are on a good way to create an unhappy robot living the life you wanted to live instead of living his.

  1. No privacy

If you stuck your nose a lot in his private stuff, your child is going to notice and be more distance with you. Even if he’s not hiding nothing he will have the need to protect his privacy and really start hiding things from you.

  1. You don’t talk honest or don’t talk at all

When you want to tell your child something, do it directly. Or if you want to tell his something, but you don’t do it because of your own reasons, this is a good time for you to start talking.

  1. You don’t teach him stuff

Instead of trying to force him to learn at school, try teaching him stuff you know. That way you will wake interest in him for learning even more new stuff.

  1. You compare your child with other children

Never, ever do this. Your child is unique and don’t hesitate to tell him that every day. Comparing him to other children will only have negative effects on him in future.

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